//  Location:  Squamish, BC
//  Genres:  Rock/Soul/Jazz
//  Years Active:  2013- Present




"I jumped at the chance to work with Cat Madden... She genuinely shines with her craft, wit and intelligence, and it has continued to impress me (and my colleagues in the industry) greatly"

(Mavis Harris - Nice Marmot PR)

"Cat is a powerhouse singer and gifted songwriter - she blurs the line between rock, soul and jazz so eloquently."

(Nygel Asselin - NYG Productions)

"Cat's voice is like an opera singer mixed with a Husqvarna chainsaw..."                                                                                   

(Mike - The Gas Station)

"Cat’s original songs are poignant, personal and powerful. We knew we had to have Cat and her band play the first Squamish Constellation Festival... She was fantastic"

(Tamara Stanners - 100.5 The Peak)

“To hear Madden sing, it's hard to believe there was a time when she didn't give it everything she's got. Her vocals are beyond powerful and it's a wonder she can sing with so much heart and soul gig after gig.”

(Kirsten Andrews - Director of Aquila Productions)

“ Imagine sitting in an underground bar in New York captivated by every single note… fantastic voice… we’ll be following you!”

(Graeme and Richard - BBC UK)

"I’ll never forget the force behind her voice... and everyone in that room, who were seated and eating, stopped and listened to Cat’s raw talent"

(Darren - 107.1 MountainFM)

“...as soon as she starts to sing, she just dominates your attention and becomes the biggest thing in the room. Her voice is incredibly powerful.”

(Ross - Purplecamera.co.uk)

"Cat's voice is like an opera singer mixed with a Husqvarna chainsaw..."  She humbly gifts you powerful, raw singing intertwined with captivating vocal licks and personal, calculated lyrics. Writer of the band songs; Cat "blurs the line between rock, soul and jazz so eloquently. Together her band infuse a mix of genres with charismatic slide solos, tantalizing grooves and effortlessly transfer you from finger-clickin' swing to intricately patterned pandemonium to Woodstock-era influenced Rock. The band are an eclectic mix of classic styles and carry that old soul vibe with a modern twist.