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//  Origin:  Squamish, BC
//  Genres:  Indie-Jazz-Rock fusion
//  Years Active:  2013- Present
//  Websites:
Short Bio

"Jazz-Grunge": Alternative progressive expressive obsessive fusion music fronted by sultry, meaningful, powerful (sometimes  nonsensical) vocals alongside an eloquent spectrum of guitar sounds versus technical ability proven by shredding guitar solos and mellow rhythmic hits and pounding stadium drums, bass grooves, drones and ambient shimmers. Really it's just laid back-heart-warming-hard-hitting-soul-wrenching-music... fuelled by passion and performed genuinely. That's all.

"This new video from Cat Madden is incredible!! Nice call Kirsten in booking her before she got huge! I can not wait to see you at Squamish Constellation Festival Cat!!!!"
                                                       - Tamara Stanners - 100.5 The Peak


“To hear Madden sing, it's hard to believe there was a time when she didn't give it everything she's got. Her vocals are beyond powerful and it's a wonder she can sing with so much heart and soul gig after gig.”                                      - Kirsten Andrews - Director of Aquila Productions

“ Imagine sitting in an underground bar in New York captivated by every single note… fantastic voice… we’ll be following you!”                                                                               - Graeme and Richard - BBC UK

" Industry people.. for God's sakes... she needs a record deal!"                                                                                  - Darren - 107.1 MountainFM

“...as soon as she starts to sing, she just dominates your attention and becomes the biggest thing in the room. Her voice is incredibly powerful.”
                                                                    - Ross - Purplecamera.co.uk


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