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“Her voice is like an opera singer mixed with a Husqvarna chainsaw” – the words of a bleary eyed gas station attendant from Squamish, the morning after a Cat Madden set. Perhaps this  unique tone stems from a childhood spent with a rock, punk and ska enthusiast for a father  (Madness, The Specials, Blondie, Who, Clash, Beat, Jam) and a mother in love with French  classical composers; Debussy, Ravel and Erik Satie. 


As a teenager, Cat became more acquainted with folk artists like The Cranberries, Joan Baez,  Joni Mitchell and Eva Cassidy, and was particularly captivated by the poeticism of Laura  Marling, quickly coming to know the British songwriter’s catalogue as if it were her own. 

Most weeks the Madden family would educate themselves by watching “Later… with Jools  Holland”. One night, on the show, as she watched a mesmerizing solo performance by KT  Tunstall of ‘Black Horse and The Cherry Tree’, something clicked…  

A 13-year old Cat watched in awe, then vowed: “I’m gonna do that”. The more she explored  her musicality, the more she was encouraged to pursue it by her family, her peers… by  everyone. 

Cat moved to London to study and perform as many forms of music as possible – Stevie Ray  Vaughn’s blues, Al Jearreau’s jazz and George Clinton’s pizazz. She was mentored by great  teachers like cellist Audrey Riley and vocalists David Combes and Vic Bynoe. People who can  count Blur, Foo Fighters, Elton John, Eric Clapton and James Brown among their collaborators. 

Her sound and passion for songwriting was emerging from a musical melting pot. Yet, during  this time, Cat was crippled by a seemingly endless lack of self-confidence when it came to  performing. See her on stage today and you would never guess that, as a budding artist, she  “would hide behind her guitar”, run off stage and cry for the fear of playing to a crowd. 

If only an early-20s Cat had known that Canada beckoned and that this is where she would  finally dropkick performance anxiety in its metaphorical gonads.  

Canada was a fresh start. A thousand miles from her comfort zone, Cat pushed herself to  perform at karaoke nights, which she says “saved her life”, then open-mic nights and  eventually collaborated with artists, venues and companies spanning from Vancouver to  Washington DC.  

She started her own company “Cat Madden Music” and now works primarily as a performing  artist, composer, vocal coach. She also plans and hosts packed events such as The Local Festival, Squamish Showcase and the inaugural sold-out concert Squamish Soirée.

Her biggest achievement may have been when she was asked by Tamara Stanners and Kirsten  Andrews to perform at the inaugural Squamish Constellation Festival alongside Begonia,  Serena Ryder and Half Moon Run.  

She has played at several BC festivals including WSSF, The Great Okanagan Beer Festival,  Wind Festival, and venues like LanaLous, Guilt & Company, The Railway Stage and Beer Café and 150+ other shows across BC.  Cat’s original songs have been featured at Canadian Music Week, won her the Whistler Music Search, placed her as finalist for VANJAM2020 and have been featured by Global TV,  CBC, SHAW TV and the BBC.  

Her versatility as a session vocalist has landed her gig offers with countless notable figures and  companies including SKIITOUR, Canadian Music Week’s Gary Taylor and Paul Emerson of CompanyE.  

Cat has cemented her place in the community of Squamish; her home. She volunteers and  supports several groups including the Whistler and Squamish Art’s Council, Howe Sound  Woman’s Centre, the Squamish PRIDE committee and Under One Roof at the  Squamish food-bank. She has helped transitioning women through her  vocal coaching work and taught many students privately or in schools. 

Today Cat’s dream is to exude confidence and create joy; “to be honest and blow people’s  minds”. She dreams about taking her captivating stage show on tour to the world’s most  interesting and beautiful places, to continue using her work to raise awareness for the social  issues close to her heart, and that her music helps as many people as possible in their pursuit  for happiness; whether that’s one stellar moment being touched by her music or a lyrical  message that stays with them their entire lives. 

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