"Cat's voice is like an opera singer mixed with a Husqvarna chainsaw..." - Mike - The Gas Station

"This new video from Cat Madden is incredible!! Nice call Kirsten in booking her before she got huge! I can not wait to see you at Squamish Constellation Festival Cat!!!!"

(Tamara Stanners - 100.5 The Peak)

“To hear Madden sing, it's hard to believe there was a time when she didn't give it everything she's got. Her vocals are beyond powerful and it's a wonder she can sing with so much heart and soul gig after gig.”

(Kirsten Andrews - Director of Aquila Productions)



“ Imagine sitting in an underground bar in New York captivated by every single note… fantastic voice… we’ll be following you!”

(Graeme and Richard - BBC UK)

" Industry people.. for God's sakes... she needs a record deal!"

(Darren - 107.1 MountainFM)


“...as soon as she starts to sing, she just dominates your attention and becomes the biggest thing in the room. Her voice is incredibly powerful.”

(Ross - Purplecamera.co.uk)

My name is Cat.


I probably should have spent a really long time writing here about why and how i'm amazing at music or maybe got some fancy lady who is more better at words than me to do it so she can take all my frickin' money that I don't have. Frickin'... lady... that's my money lady!

I just wanted this message to you (my number one and only fan) to be organic... you know.


I'm not special.

(Artists are weird, suffering, outwardly-confident people. They must self-fund their music careers by working three unrelated part-time jobs. They have to eat spaghetTINI they are so poor.)

I do feel special sometimes. When I play to you and you look back at me and we're both feeling all our feelings...

Right now the world is in pain :'(
You need the music just as much as I do.

I vow to always be sincere in my art and integral to myself and my creations and to try to be a good person to the planet and you and them and everybody and help where I can and I will also never give up trying to be as happy as possible and I will be a musician in my heart and through my muscles and at the destination of all my thoughts until the day I die. 

Oh... all the music stuff.. i'm really good at that I promise.


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